The Center’s Primary Objectives

1. Identify the people in the world that are most in need.

2. Identify and prioritize the projects that will have the largest positive impact on their quality of life.

3. Work to support and implement these projects as quickly as possible.

Factors Behind the Center’s Objectives

There a number of factors involved in determining who receives the benefit of the Radly Center programs. The center asks specific questions to decide a course of action with the maximum possible impact.

Who gets help first?
This is an extremely difficult question and must be taken seriously. The Center takes the view that all human beings are equally important regardless of geographic, religious or racial factors. So the center simply focuses on assisting the people most in need. Currently, these people are in sub Saharan African countries.

How can we help both short and long term?
There is an element of subjectivity in identifying and prioritizing projects designed to enhance quality of life – some are precursors to other critical projects; some have significant short term benefits and assist the current generation of people; while others have significant long term benefits that assist future generations.
The center will utilize its resources to support and implement priority projects where possible. The number and size of the projects will increase over time as the center’s resources grow.

Raising Awareness and Test Scores

The center recognizes that its primary objectives will benefit from a multi tiered approach involving activities in both developed and developing nations. As a result, we have established projects that focus on activities in developed nations that will:

1. Enable young people in developed nations to have a positive impact on their local communities and to learn more about their peers in developing nations.

2. Encourage discussion about the plight of the world’s poorest people and the issues surrounding the developed nations’ inability to assist them.

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