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Does the Radly Center provide donations?

No. The Radly Center is focused on helping other nonprofits to maximize their impact. This includes advice about how to increase donations. 

What services does the Radly Center offer?
We help new nonprofits with:
  • Develop the optimal use of limited startup budgets (how to maximize your impact with x dollars)
  • Develop a web presence (website, social, 3rd party sites) that establishes trust and authority and attracts donors and volunteers
  • Develop multiple revenue streams and reduce reliance on donations
  • Develop marketing plans including social media, paid ads, seo, email marketing and others
  • Setting collaborations with other nonprofits in order to help each other grow
 We help existing nonprofits with:
  • Donor engagement strategies that lead to bigger donations from your donors – and they feel good about it!
  • Developing frameworks for measuring impact
  • Developing web and mobile apps
  • Advanced online marketing strategies
  • Advanced social media engagement strategies
How can I support the Radly Center?

There are multiple ways to get involved. Check out the items in the main menu under “Get Involved”

Does Radly center provide consulting services?

Yes. Use the contact form and let us know how we can help you.

Is the Radly Center open to partnerships?

Yes. Go to the contact form on the “Collaborate” page and let us know how you want to partner with us.

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Dec 24 - effective impact plans

Webinar How to develop an impact plan that maximizes your impact and turns donors into recurring donors.

Dec 15 - How to start an effective nonprofit

Webinar Nonprofits should be a labor of love not just labor. Learn how to start an effective nonprofit with the least amount of time, money and effort.

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