A bigger impact leads to more donors, which leads to a bigger impact. Let the upward spiral begin.


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Maximum Positive Impact. It always comes down to this. We help nonprofits to develop, execute and measure an effective impact plans.

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Dec 24 - effective impact plans

Webinar How to develop an impact plan that maximizes your impact and turns donors into recurring donors.

Dec 15 - How to start an effective nonprofit

Webinar Nonprofits should be a labor of love not just labor. Learn how to start an effective nonprofit with the least amount of time, money and effort.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

We help nonprofits to maximize their impact.
The best way for a nonprofit to succeed is to raise some money in order to get to work then measure their impact then go back to the donors and demonstrate their impact then raise more money then repeat.
This is an upward spiral that should be the specific most important objective of every nonprofit.
This “Maximum Positive Impact” approach was developed by our founder when he set up a project to assist a village in Mali (West Africa) with the establishment of their health center.
Read more about Origin Story here.